A day at Resort Lac Ste-Marie is a day in nature. It is the owner’s love for organic gardening, combined with his desire to share the pristine beauty of this spot with as many people as possible, that originated the idea of a resort here. The result is a serene, bountiful and generous venue like nothing you’ve seen before.

In addition to a variety of decorative plants and flowers all around the property, you will find dozens of scatered gardens including organic gardens where you can harvest your own produce to complement your meals. Look out for apple trees, blueberry and strawberry patches… did you find the hidden cherry tomatoes? Stroll through the prairie, marsh or sit by the pond and watch the frogs frolic among the gold fish. Ducks and geese are regular guests on the property at various times of the year and a relaxing boat ride guarantees even more wildlife sightings.

The Resort is truly beautiful in all seasons! Winter offers serene, crisp views of the frozen lake and snow-covered ski mountains… and there’s a plethora of perfect vantage points to chose from. And then comes spring. As snow recedes and skiers enjoy their last thrills of the season, the warming temperatures bring the first blooms; flowers gradually begin to appear. The monochromatic white gives way to a variety of hues of yellow and green. More and more birds flock, the pond becomes inhabited again and the lake wakes from its sleep. Summer is a true orgy of colors and scents. The views of the lake are fabulous at any hour from dawn to dusk… light is ideal for pictures. Quiet evenings around the bonfire are rewarded with loonie chants and extraordinary smells of pine trees from the kayak rival with scents of luxury in the developing rose garden. And as you keep busy enjoying the lake and nature, autumn slowly sets in. As a farewell to a magical summer filled with memories, nature turns on its lights to the fullest one last time, giving way to an explosion of bright reds, oranges, greens and yellows. It’s a symphony of colors and there’s no better place than the resort to admire that spectacular panorama. It’s also harvest time in the gardens with tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, corn, pumpkins, cucumbers and many other vegetables filling up the dinner table. Evenings become chilly and bonfires become good excuses for socializing outdoors as the resort prepares for the cold months, once again.