Resort Lac Ste-Marie on airbnb!

Resort Lac Ste-Marie is on airbnb and we are proud of our awesome feedback rating (4.8 star out of 5)! Customers are very happy with our Lac Ste-Marie vacation rentals, convenient ski and golf cottages and spacious group accommodations. We love airbnb!

As frequent travelers ourselves, we love the sharing economy and it’s a joy to be able to stay with awesome people, discover unique places, outside of busy commercial hotels, often at very competitive prices. However, as many savvy travelers will tell you, it pays to shop around! Use the online travel agencies and apps (, Expedia, Airbnb, Travelocity, Tripadvisor, Kayak, Momodo, etc) to find what’s available in your desired area for your travel dates. Next step is to price compare and it goes without saying that you should always check out the official website of your desired accommodation.

Research, compare, shop around all you want but book online directly on the website whenever possible. By booking directly at, you unlock several benefits:

  • You have access to our full inventory. Online travel agencies often only have a fraction of the rooms available and may show that a place is completely sold-out (because their limited inventory of rooms is sold-out) while there may be many more rooms left at the property you want to stay at.
  • You unlock our absolute best rates! No commissions, no booking fees, no service fees, no separate cleaning fees, the price you see is the final, all-inclusive price you’ll pay and it cannot be beaten. By avoiding intermediaries (who don’t just exist to make your life easier, they want a portion of your hard-earned money), you get a better deal… and that’s your reward for being a smart travel planner. It’s not uncommon that by booking a week-long stay at our resort directly on our website, customers save as much as 40% when compared to booking on airbnb. That’s hundreds of dollars in your pocket.
  • You are dealing directly with the property, enabling us to give you personalized service. We will be able to contact you in case of unforeseen circumstances or offer you special deals. No agencies, no intermediaries, no lost communication, no back and forth, no foreign call centers. We know you, you know us. Simple as that.

Should you avoid airbnb? Absolutely not! Airbnb is a fantastic research tool and it offers many small, private accommodations (rooms, private houses, camping spots, secondary homes, boat homes, castles, etc.) that are simply unavailable elsewhere as most private individuals do not maintain websites or any other online presence.

Use airbnb smartly. Browse the listings and find your next vacation spot or affordable accommodation. If you’ve never used airbnb, give it a try and get $45 off your first trip!